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Massive information is available today from web, social media and also from internal databases. With extreme velocity, modern applications are now able to process and analyse these data streams. Simultaneously companies are more and more eager to consider Data management as part of their core strategy, either for predicting failures, customer behavior or for optimizing maintenance, improving customer churn. To go faster in the set up of Data management, they have to rely on new key experts and managers in the market:

Big data

  • Storage technology : cloud computing
  • Processing engine : Mapreduce, Tez, Spark
  • Hadoop distribution : Cloudera, Hortonworks, Mapr
  • Database Nosql : Mongodb, Cassandra, Redis
  • Machine learning

Business Intelligence & Analytics

  • Customer knowledge and customer contact solutions: BI & CRM
  • « Clienteling » solution to increase active customer loyalty ; plugging to CRM tool for task automation ; recommendation engine to increase sales
  • More and more Data interlinking streams between machine (IoT) and human being.
  • Datawarehouse, datamart, datalake, ETL (such as Gemio, informatica, Sql Server Integration Services (SSIS)…)
  • Tools to help visualise Data information (DataViz…)

Ples Convergence will help you join large IT departments in major corporations, or agile & innovative Start Up, or even software vendor in the Data management field. You may become the new CDO (Chief Data Officer), BI Project Manager, Data Scientist, or Data-lake Architect…