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Full sectors of the global economy (retail, entertainment, transportation, energy, insurance, banking, and others) are entering the new digital paradigm. Offering fast, reliable, user friendly, traceable services, and with infinite options is now a must to remain competitive. You may join the digital shift in many growing sectors:

  • Geolocation & Traceability solutions
  • Multimedia content distribution
  • Video Games and Gambling sectors
  • Unified communciation and collaboration applications (Webconferencing, Videoconferencing, Audioconferencing)
  • E-Commerce and On Line services (CMS, Front&Back Office, Web Portal, Appstore, Social Media)
  • Security proven disintermediation (thanks to BlockChain) enabling Smart Contracts

PLES Convergence helps you connect with services providers, software vendors, or IT/Digital entities in other major corporations. You may become the new E-Commerce Manager, CTO, Web Architect, Program Director, Product Owner, or even Large Account Manager/Sales & Marketing director in the technology field